Map or Sat Nav?

Well well well,

Here i am again leaving such big gaps in between my posts, this is something i feel challenged on and will make more of an effort to share my journey and all the things God is speaking to me about.

So this blog post has been unexpected i felt i had one to share but nope God spoke so here i am.

I want to lay some foundation into this post because i feel it is essential for you to really hear Gods heart in all of this. So since October last year i have had this battle with God, loosing sight of who i am and who he is. It has become less and less that i have  spent time with him but yet feeling like he is not there. While i was praying the other day God spoke, so this is really what i wanted to share with you all so i really hope this challenges you like it has me and that it brings clarity to your walk with God.

So as i said i was praying the other day into direction and i felt God so clearly speak to me about directions. God gave me a vision and i was in the car trying to find my way to a new destination but i was lost and i could not hear the sat nav i could not read the map. I was lost!

Now people who know me would not be surprised by this vision and would probably say it was just another day of me driving, because if i am honest directions are not my strong point but God spoke to me about spiritually being lost?

Are you in a season of feeling spiritually lost?

“The Heart of man plans his way, but the Lord establishes his steps.” Proverbs 16 v 9

How many times in our walk with God do we feel lost? I know i have often felt that way but what God was speaking to me about was do we sometimes cause the feeling of being lost? Do we sometimes stop looking at the map and turn the volume off the sat nav?

It is like our walk with God if we want to hear God speak and learn new ways to go then we need to turn the volume up and get stuck into his word. I know this may sound simple to some but i believe this is an area where at times we all struggle. Learning to let God lead sounds easy but are we making steps in our day for this to happen? I was in the car recently and decided to take a different route so i plugged in the sat nav turned the volume off and tried to navigate my way home only to find by distraction of my children i had missed the turning, Why? Because i was not listening because i was caught up in the noise from the back seats. Do not allow distractions to stop God leading!

For God to be able to lead us we need to hear and see. That is why we are encouraged to read Gods word and why we are encouraged to tune our ear to him. God wants to direct us he wants to lead us into something new but we have to spend time seeking direction. I really want to encourage you to spend time in his word allow it wash over you in a new way, allow scripture to become directions and keep the volume up. Through being in the word God will direct he will speak and he will take us on many journeys some planned and some not.

I really pray that if this is something you are going through that God will wash over you a fresh. I pray you will begin to tune into his word and turn the volume up to his voice. I pray in the busyness of life that we remain on the road where God is leading us.



Have a blessed day,

B x




Stop the Search!

Well here I am again. Long time no blog!
So life has been all kinds of crazy lately. We moved in January and things have sort of taken a backseat this blog being one.
While life has seemed to be crazy I sat this evening with my bible and journal open and smooth jazz Florida on in the background and that’s where it all happened…….
So as I said before life has been crazy, we moved which is always a big thing with children, our youngest didn’t settle and that continued for a few months, my husband has been working so hard, we have had illness nothing serious just the usual bugs etc and then to top it all off we have had this crazy battle with God. Now please don’t think I am a bad Christian for this.
The battle started March time it sort of crept up on me. For months I had been reading and journaling and spent some serious time in prayer, but I guess at times that’s not everything. I started feeling very insecure, inadequate, overlooked and not valued, all of these things are a natural struggle for me. So I started to pull away from my time with God and felt like he hadn’t choose me. Crazy I know.
After some serious pep talks and my husband pulling me in line I realised where all of these feeling’s were coming from. The enemy loves when we listen to his lies, I think he loves it also when we listen and take the lies in and then become distant with God. So while I came to realise the situation I found myself thinking about this  saying of “Stop the search”. This is something that echoed around my head.
“Stop the Search”
While I have had to again walk through this tough time, I was constantly searching for something to ease my pain. I wanted someone to bandage up my hurt but it hit me, we don’t need to search for approval or confidence in things because God searches for us. His word tells me I am chosen, it tells me I am capable, he gives me peace which allows me to become confident and my most favourite thing God says is that he chose me! Wow he chose me just like he chose you, how amazing is that when we really sit and take that in! We are chosen by the most high!
God wants us to stop searching for things and to really get hold of him and his word. He is a God that never fails ( I can say this with confidence because I have experienced this) He is a God who will never leave you so you don’t need to play hide and seek with him. God wants to be everything we are not, he is with us always and wants to constantly ease our pain in a way no one else can. A piece of advice – Let God in, let him ease your pain let him be everything you are not! He will not disappoint you! Trust me i know.
1 Peter 2V9
“But you are A CHOSEN RACE, A royal PRIESTHOOD, A HOLY NATION, A PEOPLE FOR God’s OWN POSSESSION, so that you may proclaim the excellencies of Him who has called you out of darkness into His marvelous light;”
If I can encourage you for a moment to just stop searching, turn your ears off to the lies and jump into the more of God with your all. God is calling you now, he calls you chosen one, he calls you by name he loves you! Stop searching God is here!
I pray right now that if your reading this blog and you are feeling inadequate, insecure, unloved that right now you will feel God wash over you in such a way that you feel his Love and peace. I pray you turn your ears off to the lies and tune into Gods words!  Amen!
Have a blessed day and remember you can do it!
B x

Spring Ready.

So how fast is 2017 going already? I can not believe March is here, it is for me a sign of spring and I can not wait!
While I was looking over our February, I realised how much I crave spring and all the freshness that comes with it. I mean who doesn’t love fresh flowers, lighter nights and the odd peaks of sun! I do! 

Spring for me feels so refreshing. It can at times feel like winter is so long and such a slog, especially after Christmas, and then spring comes and brings with it hope of new and fresh things! I adore Christmas and all the cosy nights, candles and comfort food but spring just brings that freshness where eating becomes healthier, you want to be more active and days out to parks seem a dream. 
               ~Spring is defiantly my thing~

I love all of the spring decor. I love the yellow daffodils and tulips, they are always a firm favourite and my spring go-to, and also I love using fresh lemons for decorating. These are great for styling in a bowl on your countertop or on a coffee table. I like to start adding spring wreaths to my door, i love these inside and out! I love changing some of my decor pieces to fit with the season.

Another love of spring for me is cleaning. I love the smell of christmas cleaning items with cinnamon being the base of most products, but i have to say i love packing those away and using all things fresh. 

Some of my go-to products are – 
~Detol lemon fresh

~Ocean fresh bleach

~Bloo toilet cleaning in blossom scent

~Zoflora in spring time, fresh linen and hyacinth.

                  ~ Cleaning Tip~
One of my cleaning go-to products all year round is Zoflora. I use it not only by adding to water to clean my floors, but i also add two caps full into my steam cleaner and the smell is just delicious. Also I use it to refill my reed defusers because the smell is amazing, it works so well to fill any space with a fresh and clean smell. I buy packs of new reeds from Dunelm for just a few pounds. 
Hope your home feels as fresh and clean as our’s heading into spring!


Less Is More – By Simon Wells.

I just wanted to introduce you to my Husband Simon Wells who has wrote an incredible guest blog post on Add a Pinch of Grace. Hope you enjoy.
Less is more…
Jeremiah 29 verse 11 reads:
“For I know the plans I have for you,” says the LORD. “They are plans for good and not for disaster, to give you a future and a hope.” (NLT).
It would be very easy of me to sit here at my dining table and say that all we need is the verse above. I could sit here and declare to you that, based on that verse, just trust God to do all he wants to do through you, and be ready to be amazed!
But I can’t. The reality is that we cannot just trust in Him, but KNOW Him, relate to Him personally, get God involved in all the dirt in your life, all the junk you really dont want anyone to know about.
God has been speaking to me so much recently about this very issue. I know that He requires me to verbally, and audiably declare the junk in my life in order for Him to take control, and rid me of those things. And that manifests itself in me as LESS IS MORE.
Less of me, and more of God.
See, the LESS I focus on myself, my world, my job, my friends, my connections, my finances, the MORE room I have in my life for God to invade and dwell. I’ve realised that over the past few years, my heart has been so full of my own plans and desires, that I haven’t allowed room for God to step in and change things, room for His plans to come to fruition.
“For He knows the plans He has for me..” would be more how I read that scripture. But in order for that to be the case, I have to surrender myself and permit God to overwhelm me, from the inside, where all my darkest and most personal things are.
How can God give me and show me all the plans and wonderful things He has for me if i can’t give Him all of myself? To me, that’s like wanting to have a full and bursting supermarket trolley of glorious fresh and tasty food, but only wanting to pay for half of it. It doesn’t work! It’s all or nothing.
James 4 verse 8 says this;
“So humble yourselves before God. Resist the devil, and he will flee from you. Come close to God, and God will come close to you.” (NLT)
My prayer for myself, and also for you reading this, is that we would draw close to God, allow Him room by dropping the junk and irrelevant desires from our hearts and letting Him work within us. May God reveal His beautiful and glorious plans to each of us, and begin taking us into the wonderful future that only He knows all about. LESS of ourselves, MORE of you, God.

Journey of a 1000 lies

I grew up with amazing family that loved me and that spoke love to me regularly, I had a very stable upbringing with unstable circumstances at times but that never changed the way I was loved as a little girl. I can always remember my Mum telling me “you can do it” and “you are beautiful” and many many more words my mum spoke over me. While I am talking about my Mum I want to thank her for always loving me and encouraging me and always trying to bring the best of me out, I appreciate you Mum.
Anyway back to what I was saying, when I started approaching my teenage years I began to notice my increase in insecurity and also my fears of failing. As I went into my teenage years I grew so many insecurities, that at times I would want to run so far and hide. I was always a more reserved girl who didn’t really have much to say but I also became distant from truths that had been spoken over me as a child. This journey was carried into my twenties and I still chose to listen to lies………..

I was in a situation the other day that led me to a place of feeling so insecure and hurt the natural thing to do was put my guard up and shut out situations and people but there in the midst of this I felt God speak “why do you listen to lies, I made you in my image”. I began to cry! I love how he speaks into every area of our life.

What if the truth I felt was actually Lies, what if I was actually fearfully and wonderfully made?

God met me in a way I have never felt before he spoke in to my heart when I needed it most he rescued me from listening to the Lies of the enemy. How amazing is God.
I really feel today as I write this to you that at times we listen to lies more than truth, we let what’s negative take over us without even thinking that we were made in his image. I felt robbed when I realised this the other day. I mean I have lived most of my life listening to lies and letting them breed in my everyday life the feelings of insecurity, inaddiquatcy, fear, anxiety and the list could go on and in a moment of crying out to God he spoke, now please understand me I am not saying God spoke and that’s it I will never battle again but what I am saying is God spoke truth in that moment and I will cling on for dear life praying that everyday I choose to hold on to his promise and truth and stop choosing to listen to the lies.

“I pray so much today that if this is your season that you will know right now that God loves you he created you, not just threw you together in the womb but made you in his image. I pray that the lies of the enemy will be drowned out but God’s truths! I pray for any negative words ever spoken over you to break so you can live in the truth of our almighty God. Amen”
God wants us to live in freedom with out hold backs, I know at times I will feel maybe insecure but I know for sure I will run to his truth rather than the lies of the enemy. Keep running to him, because he never fails. I am on this journey too but let’s choose truth! 


Pardon, what did you say?

Pardon what did you say these words as a mummy flow to freely through my day to day life, Girls have you got your school bags? pardon, what did you say? Girls have you put your lego away?, pardon.I feel at times i spend most of my day on repeat having to say everything over and over again and feel like no one even takes time to stand still in the moment and listen to what i am saying but then it made me think how must God feel?
Does God feel like this with us?

How many of us are getting on with life at such a quick and busy pace but expecting to hear God in the busyness of life? We fill our lives with so much stuff at times we miss what he says? How many of us are praying for an answer to prayer but what if the answer has been missed because we are so caught up in what we are currently doing?
I have been so challenged by this and completly stirred as to if God has my full attention am i creating a time or space for God to speak where he has my full attention with no pardon moments. 

I always say to my girls before i speak please stop what your doing and give me your attention make sure your ears are on………. sometimes i feel like God is saying that to us! I think he says at times hey you ,yes you reading this blog give me your undivided attention let me share some of your load give it to me, let me answer your prayers give it to me and be still and listen.
I started creating time in my day to sit and let God speak and I tell you I have never felt closer to him.

I feel so stirred and challenged by this and know for sure i at times need to create more space to allow God to speak.

I pray over this season that we all learn to create space to allow God in a space where we can be still and not shouting pardon, a space that is for you and God to talk a place where you let God in.
I am so exited for you in this next season and can not wait to hear of all God has done for you.