Stop the Search!

Well here I am again. Long time no blog!
So life has been all kinds of crazy lately. We moved in January and things have sort of taken a backseat this blog being one.
While life has seemed to be crazy I sat this evening with my bible and journal open and smooth jazz Florida on in the background and that’s where it all happened…….
So as I said before life has been crazy, we moved which is always a big thing with children, our youngest didn’t settle and that continued for a few months, my husband has been working so hard, we have had illness nothing serious just the usual bugs etc and then to top it all off we have had this crazy battle with God. Now please don’t think I am a bad Christian for this.
The battle started March time it sort of crept up on me. For months I had been reading and journaling and spent some serious time in prayer, but I guess at times that’s not everything. I started feeling very insecure, inadequate, overlooked and not valued, all of these things are a natural struggle for me. So I started to pull away from my time with God and felt like he hadn’t choose me. Crazy I know.
After some serious pep talks and my husband pulling me in line I realised where all of these feeling’s were coming from. The enemy loves when we listen to his lies, I think he loves it also when we listen and take the lies in and then become distant with God. So while I came to realise the situation I found myself thinking about this  saying of “Stop the search”. This is something that echoed around my head.
“Stop the Search”
While I have had to again walk through this tough time, I was constantly searching for something to ease my pain. I wanted someone to bandage up my hurt but it hit me, we don’t need to search for approval or confidence in things because God searches for us. His word tells me I am chosen, it tells me I am capable, he gives me peace which allows me to become confident and my most favourite thing God says is that he chose me! Wow he chose me just like he chose you, how amazing is that when we really sit and take that in! We are chosen by the most high!
God wants us to stop searching for things and to really get hold of him and his word. He is a God that never fails ( I can say this with confidence because I have experienced this) He is a God who will never leave you so you don’t need to play hide and seek with him. God wants to be everything we are not, he is with us always and wants to constantly ease our pain in a way no one else can. A piece of advice – Let God in, let him ease your pain let him be everything you are not! He will not disappoint you! Trust me i know.
1 Peter 2V9
“But you are A CHOSEN RACE, A royal PRIESTHOOD, A HOLY NATION, A PEOPLE FOR God’s OWN POSSESSION, so that you may proclaim the excellencies of Him who has called you out of darkness into His marvelous light;”
If I can encourage you for a moment to just stop searching, turn your ears off to the lies and jump into the more of God with your all. God is calling you now, he calls you chosen one, he calls you by name he loves you! Stop searching God is here!
I pray right now that if your reading this blog and you are feeling inadequate, insecure, unloved that right now you will feel God wash over you in such a way that you feel his Love and peace. I pray you turn your ears off to the lies and tune into Gods words!  Amen!
Have a blessed day and remember you can do it!
B x

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