Over the past few weeks, I have spent time in prayer on cycles that i have in my life and cycles that need breaking in my life. One I have been so challenged on is REMAINING or some would say STICKING IT OUT.

I was having my usual morning prayer and quiet time with The Lord and I felt he gave me this scripture from John 15v 9. Now this scripture is beautiful anyway but at the end of verse 9 it says:

“now REMAIN in my love”
Over the past five years, I have had this ongoing issue with remaining and sticking it out. I love God, there is no inconsistancy with that, but whenever I feel God has said “right, time to step up” I have always stepped down.

My fear of inadiqucy and insecurity have been allowed to consume my walk with God. And the most frustrating thing is that I have let this happen. I have been so bound up in fear over the lack of confidence that I haven’t allowed God to step in and help me step up. Instead I have been stepping down.
Over the past eight or so weeks, I have been so impacted about stepping in, but please hear my heart, I am not saying I need to step in and run all at once. I am saying one step at a time – letting God lead.
While I was soaking in this scripture of John 15, it led me to feel a complete surrender of God. I want to press in, and to always dwell in his love and REMAIN in his presence forever and I want to do this with no agenda. God let me remain.
If you are reading this, I want you to know I pray for you! I write this blog because of words I feel God gives me, I seek God daily about these things and write words he puts in my heart.
I pray today that we will all learn a little more to REMAIN in his love.
God is always there waitinh for us to lean in, remain & soak up his love.


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