Freedom in my 30’s

So i have not blogged in a while again as we have been away as a family and also i had my birthday. My birthday this time was an age i had dreaded for so long as I turned 30!!!!!!
While we was away my husband and our girls walked down to the shore of the beach and i was stood higher up on the stones, looking out over the sea. While i stood and looked out i began to think on my up and coming birthday and began to question what i want my 30th to be. I mean, my 20’s consisted of marraige, having children, 3 house moves, ups and downs and many memories and please dont get me wrong they were amazing years which hold some of my most precious memories but the question that kept coming to me was have i lived well?

Let me explain this question, obviously i have lived well to a certain degree as i married and had children and these things have become more than i ever dreamed, so in those moments i lived well but i am asking have i lived well outside of any event or special moment? The answer is NO! As i reflected over this i began to unravel some of my holding back and also giving up on things over the years.

As i began to pray over this question one word kept coming back to me and that was freedom! A word i very rarely use because in so many areas of my 20’s, I have been far from free.
My 20’s consisted of many highs but some also incredible lows, i lived in fear, insecurity, doubt, anxiety, depression, health and weight issues. These are just some of my lows, and as I reflected over this i realised i have a choice with these things because God calls me to live in freedom.

So as i started to journal. I began to realise i want freedom, i want to live with a life full of faith and a heart that is free! I want my 30’s to count, i want to step up instead of down, i want to believe that God has something for me and that i am not defined by my current weight, i want to pray first insted of becoming anxious and depressed. But most of all i want my 30’s to be so full of faith. I want faith to rise up in me like never before and i want freedom!
God calls us to be free. Jesus died to give us freedom!
In Psalm 118 v 5 it says, 
“when hard pressed I cried to the Lord and he brought me to a spacious place”

In other words when i felt bound by things and i called out to God and he brought freedom and space.

I love God! These are two other scriptures that i love and speak about freedom, 2 corinthians 3 v 17 and John 8 v 36.

I want to have a great 30’s. I know hard times hit us all and sometimes we have to manage different situations but i am committed to living some of my best years in my 30’s with faith in my heart and in freedom!
I pray today that if you are suffering with any kind of hold backs that make you feel suffocated that God gives you freedom. I pray for chains to be broken in every area of your world. I pray for new seasons and growth in your lives.


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