What do you stand for?

What is happening in the world? Why is there so much hate and anger why are people being hurt due to colour, relationships, religion and many more things?
I was so impacted by the news recently with all the hate in France it made me question what i stand for? 

So here i am letting you in to my thoughts and letting you understand what i want to stand for. I am a massive lover not a hater i love to love its my most favourite thing to do of all i love to shower my girls with love infact i sometimes hug them to hard where i get these words “mummy to tight” then i have to explane its because i love you so much that i want to hold you so tight, i love to love my husband i love to tell him ” I Love You” but i guess not everyone carries the love to love.

As i sat recently and watched the news with all the hate in france, America and Germany i began to question what i stand for i sat an wept at the state of our world the fact we have removed Love and replaced with Hate. Why is this? As i began to reflect over this i began to feel more and more confident on what i want to stand for, I love God with a passion and i belive he will heal so much broken in our world if everyone let him in but more than that i want to stand for Love ,i want to love people back to life i want to love the needy i want to love the grumpy shop keeper basically i want to love! I WANT TO CARRY LOVE! I want to be the person who stands in the gap between hate, i want to be the person that stands up and decalers love. I WANT TO LOVE. Now please understand i am not talking about physical husband and wife love i am talking about passing on the Love God gave us, surley thats our call?

Regardless of colour, sexuality, gender, past, present, religion i choose to stand in the gap and love! I am so pasionate about this it drives me crazy. 
In the bible the word Love appears 551 times in the NIV version (arrording to word count) there are so many amazing scriptures which encourage us to love one of my favourites is 1 Corinthians 13v4-8 another great one is 1 Corinthians 13v13, Ephesians 4v2 and 1 Peter 4v8 this list could go on but in it all God calls us to love! 

Let me encourage you today to step out in Love, hold a door open for someone, smile at someone,  buy the coffee while your out. Let God guide you in this open your hearts and let God lead you.

I pray today that we will all open our hearts to love more to love like God loved us to help create a world of love not hate.




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