Waiting for the Rain to pass.

I love our British weather where you look out the window and the sun is shining you get ready and get excited to embrace the weather and you step out the door to find a storm of wet and windy coldness?! Our weather is so unpridictable and causes so many people to moan, but it’s what we choose to do with the storm that really counts.
I woke with this thought on my heart, a thought of the fact that we all love the summer weather but when we get a rainy day we all moan about the fact we should be having summer weather but do we ever embrace it? Why don’t we ever find Joy in the storm and a desire to embrace it? Why do we choose to look at the bad?
I havent blogged in a while as i myself have been working through some storms in mine and my husbands world we sat only two months ago planning and dreaming about life and it felt like when we woke all we saw was rain. My life has felt like a constant storm these past few months with my Dad becoming poorly and having to have a major operation, my husbands Nana taking ill, our daughters being ill and then to really test me a lorry hit my car carrying my Mum and Dad in which has left me with some injuries like a fractured hand and wrist but praise God we are still here. I mean are we serious? God must have a sense of humor because i feel like a drowned rat.
But what if for a moment we took our eyes off the rain and began to put our wellie boots and rain coats on and actually went out and made the best of the rain, what if actually we began to embrace the rain? sounds crazy really but let me explane, While i have been walking through this season it hit me that God wants to take me through the rain to water me to grow me and to challenge me, he wants to see my tests turn into testamonies (thanks mum for speaking this over me in this season it had more of an impack than you think) God knew these storms will hitmy world but he wants to know what i will do with them, will i hide away moaning about the storm or will i get my boots and coat on and embrace the day?
I feel right now as i write this that God wants us to reconnect with him almost like putting wellies on and grab our bible and use it as shelter like we would a coat, God wants to see us through! 

I pray right now that if you are reading this and are currently walking through rain that God will give you enough strenghth to keep walking, i pray that in trials God name would breath all over our temtamonies that when the rain passes we see clear again that we learn to embrace the rain knowing God will never give us more than we can bare. Amen
God is for you and rest in the fact he is there as soon as we call upon his name!


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