Journey of a 1000 lies

I grew up with amazing family that loved me and that spoke love to me regularly, I had a very stable upbringing with unstable circumstances at times but that never changed the way I was loved as a little girl. I can always remember my Mum telling me “you can do it” and “you are beautiful” and many many more words my mum spoke over me. While I am talking about my Mum I want to thank her for always loving me and encouraging me and always trying to bring the best of me out, I appreciate you Mum.
Anyway back to what I was saying, when I started approaching my teenage years I began to notice my increase in insecurity and also my fears of failing. As I went into my teenage years I grew so many insecurities, that at times I would want to run so far and hide. I was always a more reserved girl who didn’t really have much to say but I also became distant from truths that had been spoken over me as a child. This journey was carried into my twenties and I still chose to listen to lies………..

I was in a situation the other day that led me to a place of feeling so insecure and hurt the natural thing to do was put my guard up and shut out situations and people but there in the midst of this I felt God speak “why do you listen to lies, I made you in my image”. I began to cry! I love how he speaks into every area of our life.

What if the truth I felt was actually Lies, what if I was actually fearfully and wonderfully made?

God met me in a way I have never felt before he spoke in to my heart when I needed it most he rescued me from listening to the Lies of the enemy. How amazing is God.
I really feel today as I write this to you that at times we listen to lies more than truth, we let what’s negative take over us without even thinking that we were made in his image. I felt robbed when I realised this the other day. I mean I have lived most of my life listening to lies and letting them breed in my everyday life the feelings of insecurity, inaddiquatcy, fear, anxiety and the list could go on and in a moment of crying out to God he spoke, now please understand me I am not saying God spoke and that’s it I will never battle again but what I am saying is God spoke truth in that moment and I will cling on for dear life praying that everyday I choose to hold on to his promise and truth and stop choosing to listen to the lies.

“I pray so much today that if this is your season that you will know right now that God loves you he created you, not just threw you together in the womb but made you in his image. I pray that the lies of the enemy will be drowned out but God’s truths! I pray for any negative words ever spoken over you to break so you can live in the truth of our almighty God. Amen”
God wants us to live in freedom with out hold backs, I know at times I will feel maybe insecure but I know for sure I will run to his truth rather than the lies of the enemy. Keep running to him, because he never fails. I am on this journey too but let’s choose truth! 


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