Pardon, what did you say?

Pardon what did you say these words as a mummy flow to freely through my day to day life, Girls have you got your school bags? pardon, what did you say? Girls have you put your lego away?, pardon.I feel at times i spend most of my day on repeat having to say everything over and over again and feel like no one even takes time to stand still in the moment and listen to what i am saying but then it made me think how must God feel?
Does God feel like this with us?

How many of us are getting on with life at such a quick and busy pace but expecting to hear God in the busyness of life? We fill our lives with so much stuff at times we miss what he says? How many of us are praying for an answer to prayer but what if the answer has been missed because we are so caught up in what we are currently doing?
I have been so challenged by this and completly stirred as to if God has my full attention am i creating a time or space for God to speak where he has my full attention with no pardon moments. 

I always say to my girls before i speak please stop what your doing and give me your attention make sure your ears are on………. sometimes i feel like God is saying that to us! I think he says at times hey you ,yes you reading this blog give me your undivided attention let me share some of your load give it to me, let me answer your prayers give it to me and be still and listen.
I started creating time in my day to sit and let God speak and I tell you I have never felt closer to him.

I feel so stirred and challenged by this and know for sure i at times need to create more space to allow God to speak.

I pray over this season that we all learn to create space to allow God in a space where we can be still and not shouting pardon, a space that is for you and God to talk a place where you let God in.
I am so exited for you in this next season and can not wait to hear of all God has done for you.


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