The Upcycle

I love all things home and I love more than anything upcycling and DIY projects. I love seeing things brought to life in creative ways.

We moved house in December last year to a house which is so different from any other house we have lived in before. This house is old and has so many original features, some good and some not so good. The house stands beautiful and from the outside looks lovely but when we walked through the front door we felt chaos that horrible feeling of what have we done. I am such a list maker and love planning decor and colour schemes so of course, my decor notebook came out and I began to plan but planning to a budget is hard work.
Our hall way is a nice large space with original dark wood floor and large stained glass doors. The features in our entrance hall are beautiful but the wallpaper was the issue as it was a metallic type Art Deco paper and it was on the floor and celling? I mean are we crazy? So as I looked at ways to fix this we decided to enhance the beautiful features by painting over the paper with a neutral colour and begin to draw out the beauty of the original. Because to me original is best! 
I always want to create a space where people walk in our home and feel peace and security. I want it to be a safe place where we can share and laugh. But then I was brought to this thought….

We can be like the entrance hall.
Us as people are sometimes hidden, like when we walked up to our house, it looked like everything we wanted. It looked pretty and eye catching. It stood well in a great position, but when we opened the door there was some restoration that needed to take place, some tweaking and fixing to make the inside come back to life. I know in my life my exterior has been covering some of my broken and unloved inside, but it’s only when you open the door you begin to really see what’s inside and how it can be changed or come back to life. I believe that God loves the upcycling of our lives, in my eyes I picture it when we make a discision to accept God, it’s like we give him the key to our inside and he begins to open the door and see what needs restoring or tweaking. I love finding old furniture that needs restoring I love how some pieces need more work than others but in the end they are unrecognisable because they are given this new lease of life and beauty that comes from the creator! 
My life has been a broken mess in the past where inside, I have been broken but on the outside, I have tried to keep it together but often failing. My life at times has felt like I have been so broken that it’s past repair. 

But God spoke to me. I gave him the key & invited him in.
I trusted in my creator to make something beautiful out of my life. I trusted him to make me weather storms and to stand out for him (just like furniture)! My restoring is never ending and like furniture he moves us from place to place and he changes things depending on where we are. I love my God.
I really pray today that if you feel broken past repair, that you would begin to give God the key to start the work in your life. I pray you begin to feel the upcycle in your life! 
This upcycle is ongoing but what a joy it is to see restoration.


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