From the Heart.

As I sit and watch my family I feel so stirred to let you into my heart in this season of change and transition.
 Over the past year I have been journaling into direction from God I have been committing time to listen to where God wants me in this next season of life ,as the months have rolled on here I am able to share a little of my journey with you. 
I started this blog over a year ago now as I felt God speak to me about starting it but shortly after starting it I being to feel like I had no voice or anything to say, this was the start of my prayer and journal time with the Lord. Over the months of praying I have felt so stirred to share my life with you not in a gossip or nosey way but in a way that can help people in the same or simaler situation. 
While I have gone through the season of direction God began to speak into my heart about Homemaking but biblical homemaking, life and marriage no please hear me I am not all clued up about these areas but I believe in sharing experiences to help each other going forward. I have such a heart for seeing people find peace in there home and have a heart for restoration.

So in light of all of this here I am listening to the call and following what he has spoken to me about this is hard for me as I feel at times I will feel vunrable and exposed but I know that if I trust God he will see me through.
I pray for you if this is your season that God will give you clear direction which is more than your heart desires.
I really look forward to blogging more and allowing God to use me in ways I never imagined. 



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