Be Part Of The Puzzle.

Are you adequate? 
This question has rung through my whole being for as long as I can remember, constantly feeling like I am not capable or Suficiant or maybe this is not my thing or maybe I haven’t been gifted in that area but when I reflected over this I felt compelled to act upon it.

I am naturally a great starter who dreams well but then a few months into a great start that feeling kicks in, the feeling I have tried for many years to remove but it always manages to pop it’s ugly head up the feeling of inadequacy! Why?……. Why does it keep coming back why do I feel like this is sewn into my being? 
Over the past 6 months I have been on a real journey to break cycles and one of those areas was feeling inadequate, for so long I have felt like I am not capable of leading or not a great communicator and at times doubted myself as a wife and mummy but it hit me as I started seeking God about this area it was like he switched on a light and I felt him say ” how does this make me feel”. As I began to pray into this whole area it came to me God created me! I know this is pretty obvious but he Created ME little ME and not only did he create me but he created me uniquely! This excites me!
God is crying out for us to accept our gifts even at times when we feel there not enough or not relevant he wants us to use every ounce of what he gave us and you know what completely blows my mind is that when we open ourselves up to allow ourselves to use our talents and gifts he gives us more back! All the time I have been holding back because I felt inaddiquate but what God wanted was for me to step out! It’s not easy I completely get that my journey has not been easy living with this feeling and at times I still find myself back in that place but let me encourage you to open yourself up and begin to see what God see’s. 
I wish I could see everyone who reads this because I would love to tell you that you are more than enough! You are uniquely created and gifted in areas that God has given to you don’t hold back on using them. You are needed in this puzzle called life you are placed in different areas ie home, church and work for a reason you are called for more! 
Please hear my heart in this I am desperate to see God keep unfolding in my life and I desperately want that for you I want men and women living out there God given gifts, dreams and lives! God calls us for more!! 

I pray today that God will remove inaddiquecy and replace it with a heart felt knowledge of being enough! I pray that women and men will rise up knowing that they are needed for more that at times when we doubt and fear that we will know for sure that God has created us uniquely in his image for such a time as this. Amen.

     B.     Bb  


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