Hide and Seek.

To seek God with all your heart you have to be willing to give your heart fully to him.

Over the years I have felt like my life with God has been like a game of hide and seek, where I hide and God is saying now come on how long will it take you this time and then we find each other and then I want to play hide again. Why is this?

“You will seek me and find me when you seek me with all your heart” (Jeremiah 29v13)

As I sit writing this blog on a chilly evening away with my family I begin to feel a real sense of sadness about how God must feel at times, I mean the bible asks us to “seek God first” (Matthew 6v33). So why do we find it so incredibly hard to let our guard down and allow him to live in our hearts? Why do we say with words he is everything but yet we do not fully give him all of us?

After struggling with this over many years I have realised I hold back from God in this area because of fear. I live with a guard around my heart, now please hear me I am not hard hearted but I can he back because I feel it requires more of me. 

I truly believe God wants us to give our hearts completely to him not for all the added extras God promises but for the simple things of doing what God has asked of us. I think that if we hand over the key to our hearts God will step in and start to repair hurts and fears I believe he will bring joy like nothing else and he will fill our hearts with love. I get so excited at the thought that this is what God will do if we give him our heart. The process at times is hard but in the end the result is beautiful, it brings a sense of freedom to life knowing that the one who gave it all has it all.

I pray today that if you are reading this that you will begin to allow God to invade your heart, I pray you will begin to let God repair and restore your heart with a love like no other, I pray you will stop playing hide and seek with God and just find joy in seeking him and his kingdom. 



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