Run the Race.

Do you run a good race?

Why is it when we feel God is really working in our lives and we are spending time with him and keeping him centre of our lives do we then stop and look around at others then begin to look back?

Over the years my journey with God has been somewhat like a race, I mean I have started well and commited everything to my race then after a few laps I have become tired and aware of others in the race also then after a few more laps I have been so focused on the others in the race that I have lost sight of my own then before you know it I have quit?! Why is this?

God calls each and every one of us to run a race for him to commit our all to follow his calling but why do we get so consumed with other people’s races and give up on our own? 
When I was out driving through our village I saw a number of different runners and some were obviously experienced runners and some you could tell had just taken up running but what was interesting to me was although they were all at different abilities they all had one goal and that was to run! What I am trying to say is why has God called us all as inderviduals but we are trying to run someone else’s race? Is it because we prefer the look of there life or we feel they are further on than us? 

Over 2014 I felt this feeling more than ever I felt so disappointed with my race that I quit but what I didn’t see was I was about to hit a breakthrough with God. Every runner knows that when you start it’s at our pace but then as we are dicaplined you seem to break through that pain barrier and then it becomes easier to run. I feel like in 2015 that I need to focus on my own lane instead of others that I need to remember that training is key and that the harder we train the easier it becomes so the closer we get to God the easier it becomes to run our own race because God will begin to reveal more and more to us. Discipline is key to any runner but also a key factor to your walk with God! 

God called us by name he created us in our mothers womb he doesn’t want two of me or you he just wants you! The only thing he wants from you today is you! Nothing more. If this doesn’t spure you on to run your own race I don’t know what will. Find enjoyment in your journey and your relationship with God. 



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