Let’s Grow

As I was stood in my kitchen looking at my garden I saw a plant I had planted in a pot, two of the bulbs were not doing anything and one of them was, it was going for it. As I monitored this over the next few weeks I began to see the other two bulbs change from a brown colour to green as they began to grow. 

As I monitored this over a couple of weeks I began to get more and more stirred of how our lives are and how we impact others from being grounded.

Are we growing or dieing? 

This whole thought really gripped me and made me weigh up my growth. As I prayed on this whole area asking God to help me understand I began to be more aware of us as Christians. God calls us to be rooted in him and grow and I completely get that but what if you are a married women and your husband and kids do not believe what if your a man and your family doesnt beleive? 
I beleive that if we stay planted in God and not move or sway on our belief in God I believe it will start to change the people around you. I looked at the plants and one plant was flourishing but two of them seemed dead but after a few weeks the plant flourishing must of passed onto the other two plants. It’s like us being planted in God the same applies to these little plants the soil was good. Now hear me out I am not saying God will turn your unsaved husband in two weeks into a believer (let’s pray he does) but what I am saying is when we are truly planted in God and growing it will pass on to others it’s about showing them God. 

I believe God called us to be planted and flourishing and being the light in the darkness. If we want people to see God lets be more like God so our actions are more like Gods that’s the way people will see God and begin to ask questions and before you know it a seed is planted.

Let me encourage you to stay planted even when at times we feel overwhelmed or tired keep planted in God. Through all my seasons in the last 6 years I have been planted even at times I have wanted to go and do it my own way I haven’t because my roots are planted in God and you always come back to the same place. God! 

If you have unsaved partners, family or friends I really pray today that you will go and show them God lets not get mad because they didn’t go on Sunday ( I have been there) but love them and encourage them even when we feel hurt. 



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