What now?

As I continue to pray over my life and my husbands and girls I become even more aware of the fact i strive for the next thing!

While I was out shopping with my youngest daughter I was stood enjoying the festive aisle at our local supermarket I thought she was also until this sweet voice said ” mummy what now?”. I replied ” sweetie enjoy the moment” as I responded to this it began to stir something in me I am what my daughter voiced. I am a what next kind of person. 

I am the type of person who enjoys for a few moments but then is always second guessing to the next of life. My journey with God has been some what a roller coaster. I was brought up in a Christian home and knew God from a young age but when I hit my teenage years the roller coaster began. I was not on a nice tame little roller coaster, I was on one of those scary ones that lead you into all kinds of dark tunnels and at the time I was enjoying the ride. When I fell pregnant with my eldest daughter, I choose to get off that roller coaster and start my walk with God again, so I did it. I asked God back into my heart it felt great, I was on fire reading and spending time with God but then I had a “what now moment”, a moment where I tried to rush God  asking “what now?” Thats when the decline started all over again, I have been on this up and down journey for 5 years now and I am exhausted! 

So what now you might ask? 

This journey with God has had its highs and mighty lows but I really believe through my “what now” I have realised we can’t second guess or rush God. If we truly believe God and speak with him daily and begin to know his word more and more we begin to just enjoy that and become content with here and now. 
I believe God called us for more but it’s all in his time not ours sometimes it’s hard to sit and wait because we see no change in our situations or life but these are the times we need to dive into Gods word more seek him in this and know that if nothing changes in a year that we will be content in the fact that in Gods time everything is perfect! 

As I am praying through my season of what now I pray that we all become closer to God in a real way. God has great things for our lives as long as we are seeking his kingdom first. 



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