How the seasons change.

How does God get our attention?

I believe in the different seasons of life. God sometimes walks us through different situations to get our attention to help us change and learn with things we haven’t got in the past. Change can come in many different ways it can come in a simple move as in a job or house etc it can be that you get married have children or it can be in trials, loss and sorrow but I belive in all season of change it is when God calls us the most to come to a complete place of surrender a place where only God can fill the gap a place where it’s only his name we call upon.

As I have and still am walking through my season of change and hurt I tried to walk away and do it on my own but constantly felt this call to his name I mean would I of listened if there wasn’t issues? It was only when I began to surrender everything to him again I began to see the season different I mean everyone complains about winter as they just feel the cold but it’s only when you stand still and look around that you truly see the season and it’s beauty. God calls us to stand still and depend on him fully to see us through all of life’s changes and seasons. He has this covered without a doubt I know for sure he has. God calls us to surrender everything to him trusting him fully and not looking back on the past. 

I know in all of my seasons of change and overcoming that his name is the only name that can see me through even when things become to much and I feel like I am sinking I know God will meet me in the place I am in and see me through all my brokenness and hurt. 

God has our hand in everything we do and doesn’t leave when seasons change In fact he is there more. If I can encourage you through your season to just lift your hands to him surrender to him and allow yourself to respond to his call and prompting. 
This season is still ongoing for me and I know it’s a day by day process but I truly feel a sence of change and a feeling of complete surrender without fear, this is a new feeling to me. 

Let’s be people who accept the season and enjoy it with all what comes your way. My mums favourite quote is ” learn to dance in the rain” in other words learn to find joy in your difficult season and learn along the way.

God has this covered! 



1 thought on “How the seasons change.”

  1. This is really good Beth.Love the name add a pinch of Grace.Keep growing in your creativity.God has given you a great gift.x


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