Running or walking?

At times our life almost feels like we run full pace all day everyday consumed with our jobs, finance, spouses, kids, food and the list goes on. We run and run and run at this pace trying to juggle and manage the demands of our lives, but when do we stop for that water break? Is there one?

It was a mild Saturday in October and my husband, my two girls and I were having breakfast at our local restaurant. As we sat enjoying the company, food and atmosphere people seemed to be coming and going all the time some eating without speaking and then in a moment they had gone. The waitress came and asked us twice if we were ready for the bill and both times we said “no not yet thank you”. As I sat looking at my family I realised that my week had been so consumed with running and at times running that fast that I missed things said and moments that were there to share.
As a mummy and wife I sometimes become so consumed with running I leave my girls and husband behind not hearing what they say or fully engaging in what they have done or are doing.
So as I was sat looking around chatting with my girls and husband I began to see that running is not the best pace but walking is, walking hand in hand with the ones you love taking in all the simple things like laughing. Finding the simple joy at a slower pace. As I took time to sit and chat with them I began to hear things I had missed in that week I began to see things I had missed. At times we have to have a quick pace due to circumstances but I want to always choose to do that while enjoying the simple things in life.

I believe God gives us a new day if we are so fast paced we miss the day ,it’s like someone giving you a gift and then not looking at it or appreciating it.

I choose today to give each day to God asking him to help me slow my pace to look around and appreciate the simple things.



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